Team Games

What’s The Game Plan?

As a matter of interest, after questions and discussions on this subject by various players…the following explanation of different “team game plans” was culled from the ACBL website:

Italicized lines added by G. Banziger


A Swiss Team event that produces more than one set of winners. The event is run along the same lines as an Open Swiss Teams. Any team may be paired against teams from any of the other brackets.

The only difference comes in the rankings. First, overall in the top stratum is determined by comparing all scores. Then, the scores from the top stratum are eliminated and a second ranking takes place for the remaining teams. Next, the scores from the second stratum are eliminated and a third ranking takes place.

It is possible for teams in the second and third strata to place in a higher stratum, but teams in the top stratum are eligible for awards only in the top stratum.

The stratum in which a team plays is determined by the player who has the greater number of masterpoints. Teams do not have a choice of strata—they are automatically placed in the lowest strata for which they are eligible.


An event that is broken down into two or three fields based on masterpoints. Each field competes as a separate event. The flight for which a team is eligible is determined by the masterpoint holding of the player with the most masterpoints. Teams may opt to play in a higher classification but not in a lower one. Often the breakdown is as follows:  Flight A—0 to infinity, Flight B—0-750, Flight C—0-300

All teams are eligible to compete in Flight A. Only teams with fewer than 750 points for each player (Flight B limit) are eligible to play in Flight B. Only teams with fewer than 300 points for each player (Flight C limit) are eligible to play in Flight C. Teams eligible for Flight A only may compete in Flight A only


A Stratiflighted Teams is almost identical to a Stratified Teams, with one major difference—the teams in the top stratum compete in a separate event, totally apart from the other strata. The top flight can be divided into two strata if preferred. We usually have Flight A and Flight Ax. The remaining teams play a stratified game handled exactly like a Stratified Teams.


Some method of seeding based on ability and experience is used to divide the total field into two or more groups. The breakdown is according to the average masterpoints of all players on each team. Each bracket comprises a separate event with its own masterpoint awards. There is no interplay between brackets. This often involves a round robin where all teams in the same bracket play each other team in that bracket one time. The size of each bracket and the number of brackets depend on the number of teams entered. The purpose of bracketing is to establish groups within which each team is competitive. The biggest problem with this is, if your team is the lowest in masterpoint holdings, you could be out-matched all day.