The Valley Tally – January 2007

The Valley Tally

Miami Valley Bridge Association January 2007

The New Board

Congratulations to the new Board members who won po-sitions in the December election. This is your new Board:

Wayne O’Connor, President

Georgia Banziger, Vice-Pres.
Martha Morgan, Secretary
Bill Kolb, Treasurer

Board Members

Beverly Dana
Jerry Grogan
Pat Hoffman
Janet Lee
Bob Lutz
Gay Miller
Marilyn O’Connor
Rosie Sizemore

Also, we have a new Club Manager … Tom Coyle who I’m sure will do an excellent job.

Thanks goes to Bob Sulgrove who has left the Presidency so that he can handle the Presidency of all District 11 matters.

In addition to being the Vice-President, Georgia will be handling the MVBA website from now on. Be sure to check it out in early January as it will be revamped then.


There will be a STAC (Sectional Tournament At Clubs) January 22nd through 28th. Our morning games have no problems of qualifying for the overalls, but the evening games will require a minimum of 5 tables for overall awards. There are sign-up sheets on the bulletin board.

Bridge Lessons

There is an open house for the different levels of bridge lessons. It is to be held on January 13th at 10:00 a.m. and January 14th at 1:30 p.m. Call Bill Schleman for more details at 572-9677.

Updating Information

Please remember, if you update the information for the bridge directory that you will need to update the information again with the ACBL. They send an update disk that wipes out all of our local updates when we upload their database. So any changes you send us, please send the same changes to ACBL so that they know as well.

Valley Tally Online

The Valley Tally will be online at my personal website. It may be on the site later or there will be a link to it. You can see at:

That version will have links to other issues in the future and will be a living document to get news throughout the year and random articles that I decide to write at those times. Enjoy. ~~