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    • 70% MVBC Virtual game results now on our website!

    •  President’s Report: 

      •  This is a challenging time for everyone. I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. The MVBA Board of Directors met virtually on “Zoom” on May 19th and June 16th. This was a new experience for many of us! There were a few glitches, but we got it done. If you want to see the minutes from this and other Board minutes, go to “About Us” at the top of the home page, and then the link for “MVBA Board Minutes”. 
      • Received by G. Banziger, Wed June 17, 2020 from ACBL:
         “Dear District and Unit Officers,
            Due to the ongoing risk posed by the coronavirus, the ACBL is canceling the 2020 Fall North American Bridge Championships, scheduled for November 26-December 6, 2020, in Tampa FL.
        With this same concern, ACBL will not staff any sectionals or regionals with tournament directors for the remainder of 2020. This removes any possibility for face-to-face tournaments during the balance of the year.”
    • Bridge Center Manager’s Reports

      • Unit Investment Account status 
        The value of the Unit Investment account as of market close July 1 is $102,798 of which  Cash in the account is $1,659, with unrealized gains of the securities in the account at $22,854. 
        This compares with the valuation at mid June of $100,451 in the account with $851 in cash
      • Miami Valley Bridge Center Report as of June 15:
        •                                                      Table Count

                        May YTD 2020                                                May YTD 2019

                                     789 *                                                                   1,416

          *May YTD 2020 based on Actual’s Through March Plus April & May Virtual BBO sessions.  Our Virtual sessions in May amounted to 139 tables. With gratitude to Bob Stitt who initiated our Program.  The Club must furnish our own Director for these BBO Virtual Games.  Additionally, our Virtual Directors on BBO are Bill Gottschall, Steve Forsythe, Jeff Gargrave, and Lori Harner.  With the addition of the 749er Virtual session Tuesday June 16, MVBC now has a total of five weekly sessions:  Mon 1:00, Tues 7:00, Wed Noon, Fri and Sat at 1:00.

      • MVBC Financial Status    
        • MVBC 1st Half 2020 Cash Flow
          The First Half 2020 Cash Flow statement reflects a positive Cash Flow of positive $6,707.52.  However, if we exclude the $14,198.00 of Player Donations, the true MVBC Cash Flow would have been a negative $7,490.48. Thanks again to our players. The Cash Flow statement can be accessed by clicking on this link. MVBC 2020 1st 2 Qtr Cash Flow.csv.csv (1)
        • The current balance in the BC Checking account is $9,513.69.  This compares to $10,250 at mid June. We anticipate revenue from SYC and the 5 Virtual weekly games to be received mid July of about $3,500 net after ACBL sanction fees. Rent due now is  $3,200.00 and other expenses of ~$700 should leave the BC with about $ 9 K in the 5/3 account end of July.
      • During the closure of MVBC, the following 3 BBO Bridge sessions are available for our MVBC players to participate, thanks to the efforts of ACBL and BBO. A portion of all entry fees are returned to MVBC:
          1. Support Your Clubs Pairs Program Sessions are conducted 3 times daily at 10:00 AM, 5:00 PM, and 7:30 PM.  Entry Fee is $6.00/player in BBO currency.  Registration is available 2 hours prior to the start time of the session, and is advisable to register early as these sessions are open to all ACBL players in North America and fill up quickly with a limit on # of tables.
          2. Support your Club ACBL Daylong Individual vs Robot sessions – Sign up anytime and you have up to 12 hours to complete the 18 board session.  Entry Fee $6.00.  See the following link:  About ACBL Support Your Club Black Point Daylong Tournaments.  
          3. ACBL/BBO Virtual Club games.  – MVBC currently has 5 games weekly in this program: Mon at 1:00 PM, Wed at Noon, Friday at 1:00 PM,  Saturday at 1:00 PM, and for newer players Tuesday’s 749er game at 7:00PM. Starting in April, these sessions have averaged about 14 tables per session, lowest 12 tables and 16 tables for our last two Fri & Sat sessions. Entry fees are $6.00/player.
        • Directions: On BBO home page go to “Virtual Clubs”, then ACBL North American Clubs, and then locate Miami  Valley Bridge Pairs… Host VABC 197145.  It’s best to sign on a minimum of 15 minutes prior to start time, because some of our names have been purged by ACBL. If you cannot get in, you need to have time to call the director. Currently Bill G is running the M, W, & F games (937-974-2159), Sandy & Steve run the Tues Eve 749er game (937-640-1665), and Lori the Sat game (937-305-5495).
        • If you need a partner for any of the MVBA Bridge Center Virtual Games, Marilyn O’Connor is our Partnership Chair.  Additionally, the director of these sessions, Screen name VACB197145, may be able to find a “sub” to play with you.  Also, there is a “Partnership Desk” option on the BBO web site in the Virtual Games area.  List yourself there, and any club member can invite you to partner with them.
        • If you haven’t signed up to play on BBO, sign up at and follow their tutorials. Your results will be emailed to you or you can check them at the “Results” section on this website.

MVBA Bridge Library  Several donated books were added 5/15/19 . The books have been alphabetized by author. Please help keep them this way. All have been stamped ” MVBA” and have pockets with cards in the back. See the Director for check out and return. The MVBA Board has committed to buy $300 worth of books per year. The right side of the bookcase has a “Reference” shelf and 2 “Historical Books” shelves; these are for perusing only and cannot be checked out.

If you do not want your information in our online or printed booklet Directory, please let Georgia know. Remember the on-line version is user name (“directory”) and password protected, so only our members have access. Ask your director or Georgia for the password.

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Policies that are enforced at MVBC :

    • MVBC Slow Play Policy
    • MVBC Cell Phone
    • The first 4 spots in the parking lot on the north side are marked “RESERVED”. These are for the Lifepointe office staff & visitors on Tuesdays-Fridays. They aren’t in on Sat, Sun, Monday, and evenings so you may park there at those times. Please don’t park in either ramp entrance.
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