In the News: 

  • Starting Monday, Jan 24 through Saturday all Bridge Center games will be ST@C games. Cost is $2 more but the points are Silver and 80+% of Sectionl ratings.
  • District 11 Winter ST@C results –
  • The next Goodtime game is Saturday, Feb 12th.
  • The Tuesday evening (6:30) Open Pair game has changed to a Monthly game on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Next game is Feb 15, after our MVBA board meeting. It is a Unit game and has a standby. Georgia and Stefanie co-direct 
    • New Partnership Desk: Partnership Desk Volunteers                                                                I need a Partner for….   (There is now a white board for this at the Bridge Center thanks to Mike Thill.)            

    • Currently, the Bridge Center has opened:

      1. Mondays – (Open) at 11:00 – Jeff directing, 937-554-0856 
      2. Monday Evening – (0-750) game at 7pm, lesson at 6:30, Steve directing, 937-640-1665 
      3. Tuesdays (still invitational) at 10:00 – Bonnie directing, 937-429-3053
      4. Tuesday evenings Monthly, on the 3rd Tuesdays – after the Board meetings. (Open) at 6:30pmGeorgia 937-689-4885, and Stefanie 937-554-0005 co-directing.
      5. Thursdays (Open) at 12:00, Georgia directing, 937-689-4885 
      6. Fridays – We have started an invitational game (like Bonnies) on Friday at 10 am, with Stefanie Directing, 937-554-0005
      7. Saturdays(Open) game at 1 pm, Steve Forsythe Directing, 937-640-1665. Also, once per month Steve’s Goodtime Game Saturdays at 7 pm. (Next game is Jan 8th)

  • Bridge Base/ ACBL Online MVBA Bridge sessions are, available in which our MVBC players may participate.  All Masterpoints are ACBL. Entry Fees $6.00 per person. A good portion of all entry fees are returned to MVBC.                 

          • Virtual (online) Game Schedule: 

    1. Wednesday 1 pm, open game, sadly, has been permanently cancelled. 
    2. Wed eve 7 pm, 0-750 game, Bill G directing, (937-974-2159) Bill has a drawing for a free play Face to face at the Bridge Center.

President’s Report

    • Unit Financial Reports provided by David Kennedy, Treasurer, and Jim Rachal, Investment Committee Chair.              $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    • Bridge Center Manager’s Report

MVBC Financial Status                                

Check out ACBL’s “Bridge Feed ACBL’s Bridge Feed  

MVBA Bridge Library  See the Director for check out and return of most books. There are “Reference Books” and  “Historical Books” that are for perusing only and cannot be checked out. 
If you do not want your information in our online or printed booklet Directory, please let Georgia know. The on-line version has a username (“directory”) and password protected, so only our members have access. Ask your director or Georgia for the password.