New – Play and Learn Wednesdays 9-11 AM – Meet and Greet, May 3rd, 2023. Classes begin May 10th.

Want to have fun, improve your game and meet some new people? Dallas Moore offers a series for new players or current players wanting to shore up their basics, Wednesdays from 9-11 AM. Meet and greet May 3rd, classes on May 10, 17, 24, 31 and June 3 at the Miami Valley Bridge Center. A lecture will begin each class. Next, hands prepared to demonstrate the learning from the lecture will be played.  You may ask questions while playing. Once 3 hands are complete, you will discuss them and then play another 3 hands, up to 9-12 boards. Breakfast pastries and coffee/tea will be served. You can play, learn, laugh and have fun. You will become more comfortable with the bidding boxes,  bridgemates, bidding/conventions and play of the hand. You will also receive a hand record of the hands played for further study. If you already have a partner you may play together, and if you don’t have a partner we will arrange for one. The cost for the series is $50. 50% discount if you bring a friend, additional discounts if you bring several friends. To register , email Dallas directly   Once you register you will receive more details to help you enjoy Wednesdays in May and early June.   See you there!