In The News:

  • REACH for gold! MVBC is hosting the REACH (Regional Event at the Club House) event July 29 – August 3. You can play for gold points at the club by registering for REACH and playing at least twice during the week in eligible sessions: Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday noon, Thursday morning, Friday morning and Saturday afternoon.

    Participating clubs will be divided into four “pools” based on average player strength at the club. Registered players will be eligible to win gold points (in addition to regular club black points) if they score well enough relative to other registered players in their pool. MVBC will be in the second-highest pool, so while the event is not stratified, you won’t be competing against the pros.

    You must register and pay $30 by midnight PST on July 28 to participate. Register by clicking here:

  • The Longest day charity games for the benefit of the Alzheimer’s Association – Thanks for participating – total collected $3682.00. The checks to Alzheimer breakdown

  • The next Sat Eve “Good Time Game” is Aug 10th  at 7 pm (NAP).

  • Mentor/Mentee program: Final game Aug 10th – Unit provides food –  Mentor-Mentee flyer
  • New Class coming up taught by Ryan Schultz!  For newer thru intermediate players. (Join at any class)  2019 flyer for Ryan Shultz class

  •  Dayton’s Summer Non-Life Master Sectional. results coming

  • Dayton’s Summer Open Sectional Tourney –  Aug. 2nd – 4th – Summer 2019 Sectional-Dayton (1)

  • Dayton/Columbus Flying Buckeye Regional – Sept 10th – 15th- Dayton Flyer 2019 Final

  • District Finals for Grand National Teams were Held in Cincy Results Championship Flight winners! Ryan Schultz, Bob Stitt, Dallas Moore, & Pete Whipple. Good luck in Vegas!

  • Two new policies that are now enforced at MVBC :

  • Dayton’s Spring Sectional  results

  • Alert! Special announcement:

    Effective February 5, 2019 the MVBC Tuesday Eve session will become a Tuesday Afternoon session, with a 2:30 start time, Sandy Forsythe Director.
    In addition, Tuesday Miami Valley Bridge Association’s Unit Board meetings will be changed to start at 6:00 PM, usually the third Tuesday of the Month, in the back classroom. Players will be able to get home, most of the year, by dark, or very soon after. Tuesday new time flyer (1)
  • New information: The first 4 spots in the parking lot on the north side are marked “RESERVED”. These are for the Lifepointe office staff & visitors on Tuesdays-Fridays. They aren’t in on Sat, Sun, Monday, and evenings so you may park there at those times. Please don’t park in either ramp entrances!
  • Looking for a District 11 tournament to play in? click this link –
  • Valley Tally  Valley Tally 11 2018 sf
  • MVBA Holiday Sectional – Thanks for attending. Results follow:
  • The Grand Opening planned for Sun., Oct. 21st. has been postponed. Watch for updates. 
  • Notice! Over 90% of our games will now be a flat $8 . Prior to this, approximately 51% were $9 or more! See the announcement. MVBC Player Fee Reductions sf (1)
  • Dayton 2018 Regional Results
  • The Summer Sectional 2018 –  results
  • We have moved to our new site, 4559 Marshall Rd. Thanks to all our helpers. (Directions to new Bridge center. Go south from David Rd at Marshall. Pass the YMCA and the main part of Lifepointe Church. We are in the South part of the building. Fourth driveway on right from the light at David and Marshall; first driveway on left coming from the south on Marshall.) (The map shows 4555 as the address because 4559 didn’t exist on this map system) Map: 4559 Marshall Rd, 45429  
  • The Longest Day for Alzheimer’s 2018 benefit total is $ 3618! Thank you to all who participated or donated.
  • Check out ACBL’s new “Bridge Feed ACBL’s Bridge Feed
  • Thurs eve news – Seminar starting 5:30 pm Thursday evenings game 6:30 – Stu directs
  • If you do not want your information in our online or printed booklet Directory, please let Georgia know. Remember the on-line version is user name (“directory”) and password protected, so only our members have access. (Ask your director or Georgia for the password)
  • MVBA Bridge Library  Several donated books were added 5/15/19 . The books have been alphabetized by author. Please help keep them this way. All have been stamped ” MVBA” and have pockets with cards in the back. See the Director for check out and return. The MVBA Board has committed to buy $300 worth of books per year. The right side of the bookcase has a “Reference” shelf and 2 “Historical Books” shelves; these are for perusing only and cannot be checked out.
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