2016 Unit Game Championships


(Players must have played in minimum of 2 unit games to make the list, 5 games to qualify for end of year awards)

Flight A

Name Score Times played
Patrick Moran 66.99 Q
Georgia Banziger 62.94 Q
Tom Coyle 61.55 Q
Scott Gates 61.46 Q
Jeff Gargrave 61.42 Q

Flight B

Name Score Times played
Stu Petersen 67.44 Q
Alan Stanley 66.99 Q
Sandy Forsythe 64.10 Q
Lori Harner 64.08 Q
Joe Keim 61.51 Q

Flight C

Name Score Times played
Joe Camillus 62.52 Q
Brian Clausing 61.42 Q
Don Snyder 61.42 Q
Debi Martin 60.63 Q
Connie Wiest 58.18 Q
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