• President’s Message October 17th – 10-17 President’s Message
  • The Dayton Holiday Party & Game is Saturday, December 2, Party Noon, Game 1:15.  The unit provides Geez chicken wings, shrimp, and beef, ham, cheese, buns and condiments for fixing sandwiches. A sheet cake and drinks (yes even wine & alcohol) will also be provided. One person from each pair should bring a dish to share. These should be salads, or other side dishes, no meat dishes and only small sweets like cookies or candy. Other info: Holiday Party blurb  

  • 2023 Election for MVBA Board of Directors starts Mon Nov 13 thru Sunday Dec 10. Details 2023 Election Blurb
  • The Mentor-Mentee program is back! Here are the details:    

       Mentor-mentee pairs play for half price from September 11 through November 30: i.e., both the mentor and mentee play for $4 each.     

       The last Sunday Afternoon game for Mentor-Mentees on November 19th.  everyone will bring food for the third game. 12: 3o pm will be lunch time and 1:30 pm is game time. These Sunday games cost be the full $8 entry fee for each player.

  • The Dayton Holiday Sectional is December 8-10 – Dayton Holiday Sectional – Dec. 8-10-2023 

  • A ST@C will start on Monday December the 11th and go through Sunday the 17th. On Sunday the 17th, Rosie Sizemore will have a Memorial event for PJ. Everyone will play free in the ST@C that starts at 1:30pm. We will provide meat and cheese trays and the fixings for sandwiches and pop, coffee, and tea to drink. We would like one person from each pair to bring appetizers, side dishes, or sweets to share. The food will be available by 12:30 pm.
  •  The next Sat eve Goodtime Game is December 16th. It’s during the ST@C and is a Holiday Party.
  • Dayton Sponsored On-line Game

    Bill Gottschall (937-974-2159) has gone back to directing only one game on Wednesday evening – the 0-1250 starting at 7:00 pm. The other two games we tried to run have been cancelled by the District 11 Board of Directors.  All players in in ACBL can still play in this game if they meet, or are less than, the game masterpoint limit. The cost is $6 per player. A good portion of all entry fees are returned to M.V.B.C. Please help us build up this game!

  • The Flying Buckeye Regional – September 5th through Saturday the 9th was great! Thanks to all who attended! Thanks to Bob & Stefanie Stitt, Tom Bishel, Anita Brand, Joanne Deutsch, and lots of other volunteers!

  • There is an article based MBVA/MVBC in the Dayton Daily News. It was in the Sunday, “In Your Prime” section, on Sunday, September 3, 2023. See it here! Dayton Daily News Bridge article

  • Unit Financial Reports provided by Tom Griswold, Treasurer and Investment Committee Chair. (Will be updated after each Board meeting.) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • If you do not want your information in our online or printed booklet Directory, please let Georgia know. The on-line version has a username (“directory”) and is password protected, so only our members have access. Ask your director or Georgia for the password.