In The News 

  • The Tuesday 7 p.m. game this week will be preceded by a summertime supper of salad, chicken, rolls, brownies and watermelon at 6:15.  It is also a NAP game. RSVP’s to director Lori Harner will be appreciated but not required, at 723-9395 or
  • Up-coming MVBA tournaments
        August Sectional August 2014 Sectional
        September  Flying Buckeye Regional Flying buckeye 2014
  • Alert! During May, Mentor-Mentees play 2 for price of 1 on Tues, Wed, and Thurs Evenings, and Wed Noon!
  • The sign-up sheet for Mentors & Mentees is posted at the Bridge Center!
  • Looking for a District 11 tournament to play in? click the link  below         http//
  •  Dayton’s Spring Sectional  Results, MP list
  • Lima’s February 2014 Newsletter
  • Alert! the Thurs Eve game is now 1/2 price for all players w/0-50 masterpoints or Life Masters playing with NonLM
  • Special Games & Education Opportunities
    • No more Sat 1 pm  0-99 game due to lack of attendance Come and play in the regular game (we’ll be nice)
    • Next Steve’s Goodtime game July 12th
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