In The News 

  • New class! Saturdays 10:30 starting March 14 .  Heart Series - Defense – Call Dallas 937-837-5183 for more information
  • A new 0-199er game started Wednesday, September 24.  Lesson at 5 pm, Game at 6 pm. Dallas runs the game
    Wed March 18th – 0-199er game – Swiss Teams & Upgraded Club Championship!
  • Pick up your Directory and Valley Talley at the Bridge Center. We are not mailing them. (We’ll send a packet to Bellefontaine & Lima)
  • If you do not want your information in our online Directory, please let Georgia know. Remember it is user name and password protected, so only our members have access. (Ask your director or Georgia for the user name and password)
  • The Midwest Monitor is now on-line instead of being mailed!
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  • Next Steve’s Goodtime game -  April 11th
  • Thurs eve news – Seminar starting 6 pm Thursday evenings
  • Looking for a District 11 tournament to play in? click this link
  • Grand National Teams District 11 Finals  results
    Championship Flight: Scott Gates, Bob Sulgrove, Russ Shoup, Marc Low, William  Higgins, Yauheni Siutsau. (Dayton/Cincy)
    Flight A: Larry Jones, Doug Milsap, Brian Snell, Gary  Shade (Columbus)
    Flight B: AJ Stephani, John Meinking, Darin Campo, Bob Fisk  (Cincy/Dayton)
    Flight C: Isaac Stephani, Julian Kurtzan, John Williams, John  Carter (Cincy)