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  • Directory Notes

    1.     Ready for pick up at MVBA Bridge Center

    2.     How to read “2017 Dates” column – listed by the week ending on Sunday (Mon-Sun)

    3.     How to read “District 11 REGIONALS/Sectionals” column – REGIONALS and NABCS in all caps, Sectionals, 1 cap then small letters.

  • Mentor/Mentee Program – Mentor-Mentee 2017 Program The first Sunday game is June 4th – Mentors bring food by 1 PM – Game at 1:30
  • Cincinnati Regional – flyerMVBC will close after the June Tues am game and re-open Monday am.
  • Dayton Spring Sectional  -Results –
  • Price increase – MVBC Player Fee Price Increase
  • An NLM game, called the “Rise and Shine NLM game” is held on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am.  riseshine Lori directs.
  • 2016 Unit Game Standings (final)
  • Next Steve’s Goodtime Game is June 3 and it’s an NAP Qualifier
  • The Midwest Monitor is now on-line! Sandy Forsythe writes the MVBA article
  • Looking for a District 11 tournament to play in? click this link
  • A 0-500 game is held Wednesday Evenings.  Lesson at 5:30 pm Game at 6 pmLori Harner, director.
  • Thurs eve news – Seminar starting 5:30 pm Thursday evenings game 6:30 – Stu dir
  • If you do not want your information in our online or printed booklet Directory, please let Georgia know. Remember it is user name and password protected, so only our members have access. (Ask your director or Georgia for the user name and password)
  • MVBA Bridge Library Announcement Georgia Banziger and Beth Grismer worked on the library. The 4 shelves on the left-hand side and the lowest shelf on the right, behind the clear doors, have been alphabetized by author. All of these have been stamped ” MVBA” and have pockets with cards in the back. Check w/Director for check out. The MVBA Board has committed to buy $300 worth of books per year and have just added this amount for 2016. The right side of the bookcase has a “Reference” shelf and 2 “Historical Books” shelves; these are for perusing only and cannot be checked out. 22 books have been recently added – 16 from donations – 6 from a purchase at the Regional Book Display.


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